Spread Your Wings And ‘Butter’-fly Light Award


This has nothing to do with this post, but it still made me laugh because of how true it is for me at dinnertime 😉

Well, it only took me forever and a day to finally get around to writing up my acceptance posts for the newest awards my blogger friends have so graciously nominated me for. But y’know what they say: better late than never.

Andrea at Cooking with A Wallflower was kind enough to think of me when making her nominees for this award. Thanks, Andrea. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing about you or your blog that reminds me of wallflowers. You both stand out ❤

I’ve actually never heard of the Butterfly Light Award, but I gotta say, I think it’s a pretty good idea, especially where food blogging is concerned. It’s always nice to be appreciated, and even better to be able to appreciate other people. I’m always really  humbled that there are bloggers out there that think of me when wanting to ‘paying it forward’ with an award.


It’s sometimes difficult for me to write ‘positive’ or complimentary things about myself. I don’t want it to seem like I think I’m all that or anything- I don’t. However as the rules do stipulate that I say a few words about how I think I spread a little light around to the blogging community, I guess I’ll go ahead and buff my own behind for a few moments:

Anyone who knows me knows that food and I have a very special rapport with each other. I love making it, reading about it, watching other people make it on tv, all of the above. Food is one of the only things that people from completely different backgrounds, places, origins, etc can still connect through. As an introverted person, food is one of the ways that I can connect, bond and share with people in ways that my personality doesn’t really allow me to do otherwise.

I have a general rule whenever I decide to post a new recipe on the blog (or really enter the kitchen at all): I only cook things that I myself would like to eat- that way, I can essentially cook and place ‘myself’ on a plate for everyone that I share my food with. I’d like to think that every person who eats my food, or even reads  and tries my recipes, can get a good idea of who Jessica is. Hopefully, you all like what you see/read/eat. If your food can do that, then I think it’s safe to say that you’re spreading around a little light 😉

It was pretty much a no-brainer for me when I was thinking of who I would nominate for this award. My nominees spread light around like nobody’s business, to me included. Whether they choose to accept it or not, I’m glad that I can post them and their blogs here as a means of personal appreciation from me to them:



Alice@CloseEncountersoftheCooking Kind



Conditions For Accepting The Award

1. You must write an acceptance post, making sure you link back to the blogger who awarded you and thank them. You may not lump this award in with other awards.

2. You must individually name and nominate a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 9999999 bloggers. You have to let them know either personally with a comment on their blog OR a pingback

3. You must link back to IdiotWriter’s blog either to http://idiotwriting.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/i-love-charismatic-geeks/ OR http://idiotwriting.wordpress.com/about/

4. You must write a short paragraph – Entitled either “How I’m Spreading Light” OR “How I’m A Positive Influence”.

5. Display IdiotWriter’s lovely “Butterfly Light Award” badge on your blog.


10 thoughts on “Spread Your Wings And ‘Butter’-fly Light Award

  1. Let’s see..you got the excellent cook part right…. But you left out how sweet you are, how funny you are, how compassionate you are…and how we all love you. ❤ you might want to try to fit that in another paragraph…

    Thank you so much for thinking of me.. I'm so honored and so thrilled that you thought of me, Jess… It means the world to me.. Although I don't feel deserving! One of these days, I have to sit down and accept and pay my awards forward.. Including this one.. Thank you so much ❤

    • You are so welcome. Like I’ve told you before, you’re always the first person that comes to my mind when wanting to pass any award or honor forward. Thanks for making me feel special 🙂

  2. I totally agree with that part about posting recipes of what you eat and how it relates to you as a person, I feel exactly the same way 🙂 I think it has to be real, only this way people can trust you and follow you- it’s not only about food in the end. I like your sense of humour:)

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